Staff of Magius

This +2 quarterstaff provides a +3 deflection bonus to the AC of the person who carries it. Once per day, it can cast Featherfall (on the barer only) or Daylight (On the staff only) by command. The barer of the staff can dismiss the daylight spell with another command word.

The Staff of Magius can cast up to three spells per day that are enlarged as through the feat Enlarge Spell. These spells must be of the following types: spells that create light, spells that manipulate air, or spells that affect minds.

The staff bestows 1 negative level on any non-arcane spellcaster that touches it. The negative level will stay in effect for as long as the staff is held or carried and disappears when it is no longer carried or held. This negative level never results in actual level loss, but cannot be overcome by any means (including restoration spells) while the staff is carried.

Oddly, the staff seems to exhibit different magical abilities for different wielders. Some theorize that these are all part of the staff’s creation, while others believe that the owners add new powers to the staff. Either way, the barer of the Staff of Magius should never be underestimated.

Staff of Magius

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